Historical Events involving Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer was one of the most prominent figures of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia. She provided a voice and allowed for many people to hear about the cause and realise they are also part of it. Her outspoken views and intellectual ideas created great controversy and debate around the world while also giving the movement a focus. Her renowned book, The Female Eunuch, challenged the traditional roles of women and their role in society. The book argued that women were not treated fairly and equally due to men’s fear of their sexuality, she also argued that the differences between males and females were not natural but rather they were acquired, taught and learnt.

Greer was a strong headed woman as attempts to rebut her remarks proved futile. She greatly criticised women who remained passive and were weary of change. She herself was also critiqued by other feminists for being too hard on women who couldn’t change; she was also accused as being a man-hater and of challenging the traditional fabric of society.

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